Customization, Co-creation, Prevention is better than cure, One size does not fits all, Like increase like, Everyone is unique, Everyone is special, are the few mantras which were kept in mind and well thought over by the Saints in India before they started creating the “Science of life” almost about 5000 years ago and they named it in Sanskrit as “Ayurveda“. Ayu means “life” and Veda means “knowledge or science“, Ayurveda at its core explains the immense power which exist in these two simple words and essentially if we are ignorant about this knowledge then we are missing on living life completely. Ayurveda in its simple essence reminds us that as a human being we are the part of this natural ecosystem which includes plants, animals, earth, water, space etc and God has created this system around us with sufficient immunity benefits to keep us safe and protected from various ailments to achieve optimal health.


Unfortunately somehow on the way to our life, we have chosen a wrong path against this God’s creation with our own criminal choices of lifestyles and conveniently deviated ourselves towards the dark space of complete ignorance and thereby allowing “wellness products” available in the market to utilize us for their obvious benefits.

These criminal choices may include but not be limited to choices like: Following health and wellness gimmicks without knowing the basic principles of life, Moving away from simplicity, Too much brand consciousness, Following health as a trend or fashion, Adopting toxicity and Rejecting vitality. We often ignore to understand that many “health & wellness” products available in the market are targeting ignorant customers and using different ways to trap them to increase their customer lifetime value. These products use several ethical jargon to fool their customers and rarely practice these principles in the real business. Words like “Yoga” “Organic” and “Meditation” have become buzzwords in our society these days and the fact is that most of us are not aware about real meaning, purpose and application of these therapies in real life. Wellness industry has portrayed everything as a fashion and it is we, who should be blamed for believing and following these trends blindly.

Wellness industry has portrayed everything as Fashion and it is we who should be blamed, for believing and following these trends blindly


We at ChicMonk believe that our mind, body and soul are the core reasons for our existence in this world and we should no let go our rights to live life at the mercy of these products or services only for a simple reason that we are ignorant about our own creation. Health and wellness is our right and should not be compromised with these industry gimmicks. ChicMonk will endeavor to empower you by breaking all the barriers and will be committed to create awareness about the self-enlightenment towards the complete health and well-being. In the next post, let us start our journey of self-empowerment with the simple understanding of Ayurveda.