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Silver Green -Darjeeling Green Tea 100gm


Silver Green -Darjeeling Green Tea 100gm

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Silver Green 100gm

Silver Green, Green tea, harvested the whole season

The Makaibari Silver Green is one of the most sought after green teas coming out of Darjeeling. Developed by Makaibari in the early eighties as the first Green Darjeeling Tea, the Silver Green was only meant for personal consumption. Pressure from fellow tasters, demand from those who sampled the variety, and a general inclination of the consumer market towards healthier beverages all contributed to the addition of this fine variety of tea to our commercial portfolio. Still treated as a handicraft more than a manufactured product, a great deal of close attention goes into making this unique green tea.



As our longest season tea, is plucked in the garden only from selected locations from June to November. This house patent of Makaibari is a visual delight of pale green leaves, delicately interwoven with Silver streaks.  One of the finest green teas ever, the Makaibari Silver Green is sought after by the connoisseurs of green tea from around the world. Our unfermented best green tea, started about 30 years ago after long research and experiments to avoid grass and sea weeds hint. Very reach in antioxidants has strong revitalizing properties, therefore an ideal afternoon tea. Best preventer if drunk on regular basis, at least two cups a day.

Tasting Notes

In the cup the leaf imparts an almost forest green with silver undertones. It has an appealing natural smell of dried hue which also transpires in the flavor with asparagus. It is fresh and lively on the palate leaving your taste buds invigorated.

Brewing Notes

How we prepare our Silver Green:
For optimum flavour natural spring water is recommended
1. Bring fresh water to first boil at 90°C
2. Add one flat teaspoon full for each person to the water in a porcelain pot.
3. Steep for 3  minutes before strain and serve. Sip tepid.

Nutritional Value

Test Type value per 100 g
Energy (kcal) 350
Proteins (g) 26.9
Carbohydrates (g) 50
Fat (g) Traces
Certified Under Control Union





USDA Organic


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